Vacation’s Relief

Vacation’s are often more stressful than every day life. This was one of those vacations. It was a ten hour flight with turbulence the whole way. The next day while my traveling companions were resting I decided to go for a walk only to lose my passport.

When I got back to the hotel the concierge handed me a business card. London chinese massage was hand written on it. She pointed me to the massage parlor down the street.

Upon entering the parlor I could smell clean sheets. I laid down with the sound of a trickling water fountain nearby. My massage began with long fluid strokes the full length of my back. With each stroke my worries were brushed away. The masseuse continued with a graceful strength that kneaded all the tension out of my body.
Wishing it would never end I became more relaxed with every passing minute.

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New and sensational massage

My husband and I were looking for a new and exciting way to give each other a relaxing massage. Something that would be fun, thrilling and satisfying. We heard about an exotic massaging oil called Nuru Gel. It’s a massaging oil like no other and that it could be very sensual. I was intialley skeptical about the product, but we decided to give it a try. I set the room up for an evening of romantic pampering. To our surprise, we discovered the smoothness and slipperiness of the massaging oil and how stimulating it felt.

I applied the product on my shag buddy. As the gel ran down his body, I started to massage his shoulders, back and worked my way down. We tried the body-to-body massage and realized that this product delivers a fun and sensational massaging experience. We enjoyed a new and exciting way to relax with massaging oil.

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Personal preference

It’s surprising how the girls vary so much depending on where they come from. The Newcastle escorts that I have dated have been far friendlier than the ones from Birmingham and the Midlands. They always seem to have more to talk about and are generally more relaxed, down to earth, and genuine than any of the others I’ve met. There was one girl in particular that I remember who came from the Sandgate area of Newcastle. Her name was Sarah and we had arranged to meet up for a night at the opera. She was the sweetest young lady I have ever met. I instantly felt as though I had known her for years. She told me all about her life and how she came to be an escort and was happy to talk about her friends and family, which made our encounter an even more pleasant experience.

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Disgusted And Happy

I had a wild adventure one night with a girls bachelor party and I ended up getting pregnant by a London escorts man. The night started out with bar hopping and then a long luxury hotel night that ended up being pretty much a blur! I regret what I did that night and he not only slept with me but 3 other of my close friends. About two months later I found out that I was pregnant.

It took me about a month to find him to tell him what was going on. I had to go through the paternity testing and I was disgusted when I found out he was the father. All I thought about was how I was going to explain this to my child. Once the baby was born he could not turn it away and he stopped being an escort and we are happily married ever since!

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